The creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary is a proposal presented by Brazil, Argentina, Gabon, South Africa and Uruguay to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), with the objective of guaranteeing the recovery of whale populations in the South Atlantic.

The Sanctuary aims to maintain or increase the current stocks for the different whale species that inhabit the region, mitigating identified and potential threats.

At least 51 species of cetaceans inhabit the Waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. Six of them (blue, fin, sei, Antarctic minke, humpback and right whales) are highly migratory species that feed in the Antarctic and Subantarctic oceans in the summer and breed in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters in winter and spring. Other important species that would also be protected under the Sanctuary are sperm, bryde and pigmy whales.

This Sanctuary is limited in the South by the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (Antarctica), and together they can protect all whales that visit the Brazilian jurisdictional waters, as well as Argentina’s and Uruguay’s, and all the Southwest coast of the African continent.